Can You Tell the Sports Team Only By Uniform?

  • Which baseball team rocks these uniforms?

    New York Yankees Uniform

    The Yankees wear the white with navy pin stripes for home games, and the grey uniform is reserved for away games.

    • New York Mets
    • New York Yankees
    • New York Giants
  • This team has a lot of uniforms, but these are two of their best. Who is it?

    Oregon ducks football

    • USC Gamecocks
    • USC Trojans
    • Oregon Ducks
  • Who wears these uni’s?

    Pittsburg Steelers

    • Pittsburg Steelers
    • Arizona Cardinals
    • Carolina Panthers
  • Can you name the team that has these uniforms?

    Nashville Panthers

    • LSU Tigers
    • Carolina Panthers
    • Nashville Panthers
  • One part of the answer seems obvious, but do you know which team this is?

    Seattle Mariners Uniform

    • Seattle Supersonics
    • Seattle Mariners
    • Seattle Blue Jays
  • Which team is this?

    Detroit Tigers Uniform

    • Detroit Wildcats
    • Detroit Tigers
    • Detroit Lions
  • Do you know which team this is based on their uniforms?

    Winnipeg Jets Uniform

    • Toronto Blue Jays
    • New York Jets
    • Winnipeg Jets
  • Which sports team uniform is this?

    Miami Heat Uniforms

    • Miami Heat
    • Miami Dolphins
    • Miami Flames
  • Do you know which team this is?

    St Louis Cardinals Uniforms

    • Columbus Cardinals
    • Arizona Cardinals
    • St Louis Cardinals
  • Who wears these uniforms?

    • Detroit Lions
    • Delaware Blue Hens
    • Michigan Wolverines
  • Can you name this now-defunct team?

    Seattle Supersonics

    • Seattle Supersonics
    • Seattle Green Wave
    • Seattle Thunder
  • Which Sports Team Uniform is this?

    Ohio State Buckeyes Uniforms

    • Alabama Crimson Tide
    • Ohio State Buckeyes
    • Oregon Ducks
  • Do you know this baseball team?

    • Arizona Braves
    • Alabama Braves
    • Atlanta Braves
  • Which hockey team rocks these uniforms?

    New Jersey Devils Uniforms

    • Miami Heat
    • Tampa Bay Devil Rays
    • New Jersey Devils
  • Hailing from the north, which team is this?

    Minnesota Timberwolves Uniforms

    • Chicago Wolves
    • Minnesota Timberwolves
    • Buffalo Timberwolves
  • An interesting color scheme…but do you know this team?

    tampa bay buccaneers uniforms

    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    • Pittsburg Pirates
    • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Do you know the team based on this uniform?

    Texas Longhorns Uniforms

    • Texas Rangers
    • Texas Longhorns
    • Texas Raiders
  • Can you name this basketball team?

    Golden State Warriors Uniform

    • Utah Warriors
    • Golden State Warriors
    • Hawaii Warriors
  • Based in Los Angeles, do you know the name of this team?

    LA Clippers Uniforms

    • Los Angeles Dodgers
    • Los Angeles Clippers
    • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Which team is this?

    Toronto Blue Jays Uniforms

    • New York Blue Jays
    • Toronto Blue Jays
    • Baltimore Blue Jays
    • Vancouver Blue Jays
  • What team is this?

    Seattle Seahawks uniform

    • Tampa Bay Rays
    • Tennessee Titans
    • Seattle Seahawks
  • Can you name this team based on this uniform?

    Chicago Cubs Uniforms

    • Cleveland Cubs
    • Chicago Bears
    • Chicago Cubs
  • Can you name this legendary team based on these uniforms?

    Chicago Bulls Uniforms

    • New York Bulls
    • Chicago Bulls
    • New Jersey Bulls
  • Who wears these blue and white combos?

    Dallas Cowboys Uniforms

    • Oklahoma City Thunder
    • Nashville Stars
    • Dallas Cowboys
  • Which team from Miami is this?

    Miami Marlins Uniforms

    • Miami Heat
    • Miami Dolphins
    • Miami Marlins
  • Can you name this football team based on these uniforms?

    New Orleans Saints Uniform

    • New England Patriots
    • New York Jets
    • New Orleans Saints
  • Which team from Dallas wears these uniforms?

    Dallas Mavericks Uniforms

    • Dallas Mavericks
    • Dallas Broncos
    • Dallas Cowboys
  • Can you tell us this team’s name?

    Chicago Bears Uniforms

    • Chicago Cubs
    • Chicago Bears
    • Cincinnati Bengals
  • What’s the name of the team rocking these uniforms?

    Vancouver Canucks Uniforms

    • San Jose Sharks
    • Chicago Cubs
    • Vancouver Canucks
  • We’ve narrowed it down to two teams for you, who is this?

    Memphis Grizzlies Uniforms

    • Memphis Grizzlies
    • Memphis Bears
  • What team wears these red and black uniforms?

    Atlanta Falcons Uniforms

    • Boston Red Sox
    • Arizona Cardinals
    • Atlanta Falcons
  • Can you tell us the name of this team from New York?

    • New York Mets
    • New York Jets
    • New York Yankees
  • What team is this?

    Cincinnati Reds Uniforms

    • Chicago Cubs
    • Washington Redskins
    • Cincinnati Reds
  • Do you know the name of this team based on these uni’s?

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    • Houston Cougars
    • Florida Panthers
    • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Who is this?

    San Antonio Spurs Uniforms

    • Dallas Spurs
    • Arizona Spurs
    • San Antonio Spurs
  • Can you tell us this patriotic team name?

    New England Patriots

    • Boston Patriots
    • Washington Patriots
    • New England Patriots
  • Which sports team uniform is this?

    Denver Broncos Uniforms

    • Colorado Mustangs
    • Denver Broncos
    • Dallas Mavericks
  • Which musical place rocks these uniforms?

    Utah Jazz Uniform

    • Utah Jazz
    • Salt Lake City Jazz
    • St. Louis Jazz
  • Can you tell us this team?

    San Francisco Giants

    • Arizona Giants
    • New York Giants
    • San Francisco Giants
  • Which hockey team wears these uniforms?

    Chicago Blackhawks Uniform

    • Washington Redskins
    • Cleveland Indians
    • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Which sports team uniform is this?

    Las Angeles Chargers

    • Oklahoma City Chargers
    • Los Angeles Chargers
    • San Fransisco Chargers
  • Which team from Boston wears these uniforms?

    Boston Red Sox Uniforms

    • Boston White Sox
    • Boston Celtics
    • Boston Red Sox
  • Which team from Atlanta has these new-age uniforms?

    Atlanta Hawks Uniform

    • Atlanta Hawks
    • Atlanta Thrashers
    • Atlanta Dream
  • Can you tell us which team this is?

    • New York Jets
    • New York Giants
    • New Jersey Giants
  • What team has these uniforms?

    Boston Celtics Uniforms

    • Boston Greens
    • Boston Red Sox
    • Boston Fighting Leprechauns
    • Boston Celtics
  • Based on the uniforms, who is this?

    Portland Trail Blazers uniform

    • Portland Trail Blazers
    • Portland Rays
    • Portland Supersonics
  • Which sports team wears these uni’s?

    San Jose Sharks Uniform

    • Milwaukee Brewers
    • Miami Marlins
    • San Jose Sharks
  • Which sports team uniform is this?

    Washington Capitals Uniforms

    • Washington Capitals
    • Virginia Capitals
    • Maryland Capitals
  • Which Sports Team Uniform is this?

    UGA Uniforms

    • Green Bay Packers
    • Georgia Bulldogs
    • Grambling State Tigers
  • Which team from Arizona rocks these funky uniforms?

    Arizona Diamondbacks Uniforms

    • Arizona Cardinals
    • Arizona Wildcats
    • Arizona Diamondbacks